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Is there something special missing in your LEGO collection? Would you like to add a professional touch to your personal gifts? Now you can make, shape & even order the toy you wish in a box you design yourself. Your ideas. Your creation. Your box - LEGO Design byME


Creating Customer Value on the Digital Frontier

"And LEGO's Digital Designer lets consumers create models, brick by virtual brick, and then its Design by Me offering sends them the exact set of bricks it takes to build the physical model on their family room floor.

While digital technology has been around for quite a while now, those businesses that fully embrace this dual nature of time, space, and matter — the ability to create value through actual and/or autonomous events, in real and/or virtual places, with material and/or digital substances — open up new opportunities never before envisioned, engendered, or encountered. With the full power of digital technology at our disposal, the possibilities are now endless, for they are limited only by our imagination. And of that there is no end."


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